Capture Guest Intent on Tripadvisor With Yext’s Listings Integration


Trent Ruffolo, Solutions Product Marketing Manager
Sherman Tabor, Solutions Product Marketing Manager

Product: Listings
Blog Date: April 2022

It's no secret that many people turn to Tripadvisor when determining where to book a hotel. That's why nearly 90% of hoteliers say Tripadvisor is crucial to their business.* Well, managing your presence on Tripadvisor just became a whole lot easier for hoteliers – thanks to Yext!

Yext's integration with Tripadvisor now allows hospitality brands to power basic location information and hotel-specific amenities, as well as monitor their reviews on Tripadvisor.

The impact of Tripadvisor listings.

The ability to manage complete and rich Tripadvisor listings provides a huge opportunity for hoteliers to capture more prospective guests who are searching the web for a place to stay. Not only will Tripadvisor display basic hotel information like address and phone number, consumers can also find amenity information under the About section of a location's Tripadvisor listing. Key fields impact a consumer's decision to choose your hotel over another and make your brand more discoverable in search.

Imagine someone right now is searching for a 'pet-friendly hotel near me with a pool.' How can Tripadvisor display your property as an option if they don't know that you have a pool and allow pets on-property? Not to mention, 92% of travelers choose accommodations that list a detailed description of the property.** That's why it's critical for hoteliers to ensure their Tripadvisor listings have the most complete and accurate information.

Making it easier for prospective guests to find your property isn't the only thing hoteliers can do to drive more success on Tripadvisor. It's equally important to monitor what people are saying about you. Reviews influence booking decisions, especially on Tripadvisor. 72% of consumers always or frequently read reviews (an average of nine) before making a decision to book a hotel.***

Therefore, hotels that are not actively monitoring their reputation are likely inadvertently deterring potential guests on Tripadvisor. Now with Yext, hoteliers can monitor their Tripadvisor reviews from a single dashboard, in addition to seeing their holistic reputation across sites like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and more.

What kind of information can hoteliers manage on Tripadvisor through Yext?

Yext's integration with Tripadvisor supports more than 40 location and hotel-specific fields.

In addition to syncing important information, hoteliers can also capture key performance metrics via analytics. Yext will pull in Page Views and Search Impressions, providing you with insights on how and when potential guests engage with your Tripadvisor listings.

Don’t have Tripadvisor listings?

Don't already have Tripadvisor listings? That's okay! Yext will create listings for locations that do not already have a listing on Tripadvisor – even if you do not have a Business Advantage account.

Please note: new listings may take up to 1-2 months to appear and existing listings may take up to 96 hours to update.

Tripadvisor Business Advantage program.

If you already have a Business Advantage program with Tripadvisor, we recommend that you keep it!

A Tripadvisor Business Advantage program provides additional benefits that help hotels further enhance their Tripadvisor profiles. For example, hotels can promote special offers, highlight their favorite review, feature their favorite photo first, and more. Subscribing to Business Advantage also unlocks exclusive Tripadvisor data, including enhanced analytics that helps hoteliers make informed business decisions and further optimize their performance.

Please note: Hotels are required to have an active Business Advantage subscription in order to display their phone number and website on Tripadvisor. These fields are not eligible via the Yext-Tripadvisor integration and must be managed through the Business Advantage program separately. Additionally, all other Business Advantage operations must continue to be managed directly with Tripadvisor. This includes subscribing new locations to the Business Advantage program.

How to take advantage of the Yext + Tripadvisor integration.

Although it's not required, we recommend that hospitality brands use the Hotel Entity Type in Yext in order to access the hotel-specific fields. The hotel entity type comes preset with all the details and amenities you might want to feature on Tripadvisor, or any other third-party site.

Yext hotel customers do not have to opt in order to take advantage of this integration. Yext will automatically sync to existing listings, or create a new listing if a location does not already have a listing on Tripadvisor.

Data delivered to Tripadvisor from the Yext platform is prioritized equally to data managed directly with Tripadvisor. This means you can have full confidence that your data in Yext will reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information on your Tripadvisor listings.

Want to learn more?

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