Google Local Posting for Chain Businesses

Author: Jesse Shatsky, Product Manager
Product: Listings
Blog Date: August 2021

Enterprise businesses can now leverage Google Local Posting through the Yext platform! Google has updated guidelines to allow "chain" businesses (10+ locations) access to Local Posting via API. There is no longer a restriction that local posts must be COVID-related.

Benefits of Google Local Posts

Google Local Posts allow businesses to communicate directly with customers. This functionality enables businesses to provide timely updates about your business such as announcements around sales, specials, events, news, and offers.

What Changed?

Prior to COVID, Google only allowed businesses not considered to be "chains" to leverage the Local Posts API. Since posts created in Yext are submitted to Google via this API, this meant that Google Local Posting in Yext was limited to non-chain businesses.

With COVID, Google expanded this functionality to allow "chain" businesses to leverage the Posting API, but only for COVID-related posts.

Google has now removed this restriction, so any customer with access to Google Local Posting functionality can leverage Google Local Posting through Yext!


To learn how to create a Google Local Post from Yext, you can visit the Yext Help Center. You can also learn more about Google Local Posting from this article in the Google My Business Help Center!

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