Introducing: Yext Answers Plugin for WordPress

Author: Alex Barbet, Product
Product: Answers
Blog Date: October 2020

Businesses of all sizes use both WordPress and Yext to build amazing client experiences, and as more and more brands around the world add the Yext Answers bar to their WordPress powered sites, we wanted to provide a way to drive their time-to-value even faster.

We're proud to announce that Yext's official Answers plugin is now live within the WordPress plugin store, and providing official answers to your customers' questions is now easier than ever.

How it Works

Today, integrating Yext Answers onto your website includes 2 key steps:

  1. Adding a search bar to your navigation so your consumers can access the search
  2. (if choosing JS Snippet integration option) Adding a JS Snippet to your CMS-hosted webpage to display the search results

The new plugin allows you to do both with just a few clicks (no developer needed!). You can read more about integrating Answers by taking our Getting Live Module in Hitchhikers Training or by reading our Developer Documentation.

Don't use Wordpress? No problem! You can still integrate by following the instructions in the Developer Documentation. If you'd like us to look into building a plugin for your CMS, let us know! We welcome feedback and feature ideas at


Getting the Answers plugin installed on your instance of WordPress is as simple as navigating to the Yext Answers WordPress plugin and adding the plugin to your dashboard!

Adding the Answers Search Bar to your page
Our WordPress plugin works using the WP shortcode method. To get the search bar up and running, you'll have to create a new shortcode block where you'd like the Answers search bar to appear on your page.

From here, you have two shortcode deployment options:

  1. [yext_searchbar] will load the search bar in a standalone state. If a user runs a query here, they'll be taken off-site to the experience page
  1. [yext_results_page] will load an iframe (HTML element that allows site hosting within a site) that will load your entire experience within the shortcode block. Searching and results are self contained in this deployment

To learn more about how to bring the official Answers engine to your WordPress-powered website, watch our Wordpress installation demo video.

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