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Each module in the learning platform has an assessment to help where you have the opportunity to complete hands-on challenges in a “challenge environment” Yext account to put your learning to the test.

As you go through these assessments, you can use come here to pose questions to the community, view any troubleshooting tips, or just engage with other users who have completed these challenges.


I’m unable to continue in the Module 5 assessment. When I try to create a custom field, I get a completely blank screen.

Hi Roxanne,

Sorry for the inconvenience. I think this may have been a temporary issue as I was able to successfully complete the challenge. I also checked your account and the platform seems to be working correctly. Can you try again and see if you run into the issue again?

If you run into similar errors in the future, it would be helpful for you to share a screenshot of any console errors. To do this, right click on the page with the error, select “Inspect” and then navigate to the Console tab. If you see any red errors here, send us a screenshot so we can better determine what’s going on.

One thought that could cause this - if you have had this screen open for a while, you may be logged out of the account. To log back in, navigate back to the challenge page in Hitchhikers and click “Open Challenge” in the module assessment report card box.