Adobe Analytics Script Only on HH Theme

Hi team!

Is there a way to only have an adobe analytics script on the Hitchhiker theme and not the entire experience? The client was reviewing the documentation here and it says to overwrite the theme then update the layouts >headerincludes.hbs. However I originally had the script in the layouts >headerincludes.hbs and they said it was causing issues on their side. Would the override then adding it back into the file work or would that just be repeating the action I did before? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Tiana,

What do you mean by not on the entire experience? What are they hoping to achieve?

The theme is part of your search repo. It’s not separate. To add the analytics, you must “override” the theme because you need to change essentially a “templated” file that is part of the theme to better suit your use case. You shouldn’t make changes to the theme directly as that impacts upgrading the theme in the future. Does that make sense?

More on that here: Introduction to Jambo | Hitchhikers

Jumping in on Tiana’s behalf, since she is OOO today.

The client needs to sync Adobe Analytics with Yext search to pull data ref. at document and their script in production is not reflecting their changes made in Tag Management system. They can see the change is happening at the parent page but not reflected in the iframe server analytics call. The client would like to know what is happening at the component on the prod site. They suspect that this function could block my script from running.

Does this help further clairfy?

Hi Alexa,

No, what is “my script” - the adobe analytics script? Sounds like you are saying the Adobe analytics script is not working because of the iframe integration on the clients site? Is that right?

Adding @Max_Davish who might have more experience with this. Max do the instructions change based on JS snippet integration vs subdomain?


Hi Alyssa,
That is correct - the Adobe analytics script is not working because of the iframe integration.

Automatic configuration (Recommended)

  1. In the Data Collection UI, select the Extensions tab.
  2. Choose Catalog, locate the Adobe Analytics – Mobile Services extension, and select Install.
  3. Select a Mobile Services app and complete the following tasks:
  4. In Mobile Services app, select app from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Follow the publishing process to update the SDK configuration.