Analytics on "Was this the answer you were looking for?"

Hi Team,

Is there anyway to pull information on the feedback provided by users on the direct answers results card? I see there is a message that says “Was this the answer you were looking for?” with a thumbs up/down but how do we pull the number of clicks for each?

Additionally, is there anyway to enable a similar feature for other verticals to see if users are finding the content useful?


@Juan_Zuluaga Good question!

Yes you can report on this type of Direct Answer feedback by creating a report that filters to the following:

  • Direct Answer Click = Yes
  • Event Type = THUMBS_UP

This will allow you to isolate only clicks that occurred on a Direct Answer specifically for the Thumbs Up button.


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@Michael_Peralta Thanks for that screenshot! QQ, I’m trying to dimension by entity as well as click type, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is there a way to build the report so that I can see which entities are getting the clicks on thumbs_up and thumbs_down or is just an aggregate number of clicks for now?

Hey Emmy,

It’s currently not possible to dimension by entity to view thumbs up/thumbs down clicks, but this is on the roadmap. Be on the look out for it coming soon!

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Hello! I am wondering if we are able to generate a similar report, but for “Featured snippets”?

Hey @Juan_Bustillos - I asked about that in this thread: Reporting on Direct Answers

I do believe that is now available to report on so you may want to follow up on there!

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