Analytics Reporting Mobile vs Desktop

How does the analytics tool determine the traffic that is coming from mobile devices vs desktop devices? This would be in direct relation to the location summary metrics for the “Listings Device Usage vs Usage by Weekday” tables.

Hi Glenn,

We receive data about which device class (mobile, desktop, tablet, or other) a search was placed with directly from Google, Bing, and the rest of our publishers / Extended Listings Network. Every publisher might do this in a different way, but most commonly it is done by something called “user agent sniffing”, which you can read more about here.

The two insights you mentioned in particular - Listings Device Usage and Listings Device Usage by Weekday - show Listings Searches (which includes when a listing appears in a SERP like Google, or on a publisher’s site or app) broken out by the device class that the publisher provided alongside the record of that search.


Hi Alex

Regarding Listing device usage by weekday - when looking at this data, should it be in correlation with the total listing impressions, or what does the number on the dashboard reflect exactly? And how is it possible that in some weekdays there is no data even when the location data did show up in SERP every day of the week?

For example:

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