Answers - Ability to edit clusters / Customize filter

Hi Team,

I have a couple of questions regarding clusters and filters.

  1. Is there a way to create or edit clusters?
    as per the client “it is a brilliant feature but I wouldn’t use it for analytics because it’s not quite precise enough e.g. the “eSIM” cluster includes “replacement SIM”. They are related in terms of being SIMs, but they’re 2 very different types of SIM and I’d want to separate them out. In terms of a custom cluster I’d want to create one that bucketed “eSIM” and “Apple Watch” together- they’re directly related.”

  2. Is there a way to create a more customizable filter? Again, with eSIM, they want to capture all searches that mention “eSIM” or “Apple Watch”. As far as I can tell, it’ll only filter for exact matches instead of starts with or contains, which means they end up having to export to Excel.

Appreciate if you are aware of a workaround for these inquiries or if that is something that could be considered on the product roadmap.


Hi Juan,

Thanks for reaching out. We’d recommend using Search Term Labels for this kind of use case. You can add the terms to a label in bulk and then you can filter and organize your terms as you would like to/as per your business needs. Would that work for you here?

You should also be able to get analytics based on the labels.

cc: @Max_Davish