Answers: Advanced Query Rules - Assessment

I can’t seem to figure out why adding new criteria and actions causes yellow squiggly lines in my code – and therefore won’t save properly. Am I doing something wrong?

So I think I figured this out ^ but now I am having trouble with the ending brackets - they have the red squiggles and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, and I can’t see where the brackets link to track them. Am I missing a comma or something else here?

Hi @Carrie_Liken - I would assume that the red underlining means that the brackets are in excess (e.g. are not “closing” any JSON object) and should be deleted or reviewed to make sure they align to a top level JSON object.

One trick you can leverage to understand the opening and closing of brackets in JSON is to click on the bottom bracket. It will highlight the top level bracket within the bracket pair so that you can be confident in your syntax:

In the example above, I clicked on the bottom bracket in line 196, so I know that my synonym object is closed out with line 189 and therefore the red-underlined bracket on line 197 should be deleted.

Every time I delete a bracket I still get the red squiggle lines. When I try to map the brackets, I can’t see the rest of the code to the top - so I have no idea if I am mapping brackets correctly. Is there another way to figure this out?

In this screenshot you posted previously (below) it looks like the bracket in line 187 might also not be needed. Have you tried deleting that one as well? After deleting that, I recommend clicking the bottom two brackets as mentioned earlier and scrolling up in your config. They should be closing out the top-level objects at the top of the file.

Here is also a video of how you can click around in the JSON to verify your syntax and brackets:

Now i’m getting an error that says that this has to be a valid json array. I can’t figure this out.

Hi Carrie - it looks like you passed the challenge!? Let us know if we can help with anything else.