Answers Frontend Options

In order to build incredible search engines as quickly and easily as possible, we created an out-of-the-box frontend UI for Answers. If you ever have built an Answers experience in the Yext platform, it’s likely you used this default UI — which is built using a static site generator (think: Jambo commands) and our Hitchhikers theme. We also recognize that some customers may be interested in building out an even more custom frontend experience, while still using our Answers algorithms. That’s why we’ve made more resources available to you that allow for more flexible implementation of the Answers product.

Below, we’ve outlined all frontend options available and the developer experience required.

Jambo + Hitchhikers Theme: Yext Administrators (non-developers who are comfortable with JSON and light Javascript, CSS, and HTML) can take advantage of the out-of-the-box Answers UI. This can be easily configured using a combination of a pre-applied theme and a static site generator. New Yext Administrators can easily learn how to stand up this default UI through training and support from the Hitchhikers website and community. Jambo + the Hitchhikers theme is a good option for you if you are looking to get Answers live quickly with a standard, on-brand experience.

Answers Search UI: This vanilla Javascript library is made up of pre-built components for building a great search experience. Frontend developers can use this library to build a custom frontend search experience that delivers direct answers to their end-user and matches the user experience of their website. The Answers Search UI SDK is a good option for you if you are looking to: configure our basic components in a new way, configure custom components, or host answers directly on your domain.

Answers Core: Frontend developers should use this typescript wrapper around the Answers API if they want the complete UI flexibility of using an API, but want to avoid constructing their own network requests. The Answers Core is a good option for you if you are looking to build your Answers experience in a different framework (ex: React, Vue, or Angular).

Answers API: Full stack developers can build on top of the Answers REST API if they want total customization or want to use Answers for a completely separate use case. The Answers API is a good option for you if you are looking to: build Answers into a chatbot, build Answers outside of web apps, or use Answers in a non-JavaScript language.

The Answers Search UI SDK will only be available in English for Early Access but will be available globally at General Availability.