Answers Integration: Unable to select JS Snippet Option

Hi Team,

I’m trying to create a demo Answers experience in the Sandbox environment. I successfully applied the Solutions Templates using the Solutions Templates and Admin Console Module. I’m working on setting up a new domain and would like to move forward with the JS Snippet path.

In following this post re: Domains, I made sure to enable the Support for Admin account feature. However, when trying to setup a domain ( I’m still unable to choose an integration method (screenshot below).

Does anyone have some insight into why I would not be able to move forward with the JS Snippet path here?

Thank you!

Hi @Austin_DaCunha - the support for Pages CDN feature will soon be available for Sandbox publishing, and we’ll make sure to communicate updates at that time. For now, please proceed with adding a domain with the following format: answers-[[sbx_account_ID]].

I will update the post you referenced to include a note about Sandbox domains.


Great, thank you @Sam_Torres!