Answers - Popular Query Misspelled

Hello! Regarding popular queries, is there a way to make sure that the correct spelling of something is showing as the popular query? In this example: Search, when someone starts to type “hem,” “hemotology” shows up, but the correct spelling of “Hematology” does not show as the popular query. Is there a way to ensure that “Hematology” shows up rather than the misspelled version? Thank you!

Hi Manpreet,

Popular queries are automatically generated based on historical queries and cannot currently be adjusted manually.

If you would like to remove the incorrectly spelled “hemotology” from showing up as a popular query in the future, you can add it as a blacklisted search term. More information can be found here!


Hi DJ! Thank you for this! If “hemotology” is added as a blacklisted search term, will hematology still surface as a “did you mean?” suggestion when the misspelled hemotology is searched?

Yes, spell check will still work on blacklisted search terms! They just won’t auto-populate as popular query suggestions.

Hey DJ,

I updated the blacklisted term in staging but will I need to wait 24 hours for the page to re-index before the term stops showing up in results?

Hi Jenny,

Are you still seeing the blacklist term show up?

You’ll need to wait for the site to be re-indexed before this update will take place, but reindexing happens on a nightly basis. Additionally, popular queries are pulled from production, so you will need to push your change to production for it to apply.