Answers Theme 1.21 (May '21 Release)

With the Answers Hitchhikers Theme v1.21 we’ve added several features to expand built-in card options, enhance current styling, and improve speed.

You can find the full list of features and bug fixes below, with additional details available in the relevant community posts.

  • Document Search Standard Card: New card particularly suited for Document Search, formatted for a snippet to be featured on the card*.
  • Overlay Integration Speed Improvement: Overlay script now loads immediately instead of waiting for the page “load” event, resulting in an overall speed improvement in overlay appearance.
  • Hours Time Zone Fix on Direct Answers: Direct Answers now accurately reflect open/closed status in an entity’s local timezone, regardless of the timezone where user may be searching.
  • Separate “Hours Status” Class Names: Each hours status (“Open,” “Closed,” “Open 24 Hours”) now have its own class name to allow for individual styling on location cards and direct answers.
  • CTA Alignment Fix with No Description: When there is no description on the product prominent image card, the CTA will now be fixed to the bottom of the card.
  • Margin Correction on Spell Check: Improved margins when spell check is present to provide a user experience more consistent with typical spell check.
  • Simplified Console Error Messaging: More concise error messages in console, especially when building new sites.
  • A few minor bug fixes/improvements that may help improve your experience

*Note: Document Search and the Document Search Standard Card are currently only available in English

:eyes: Looking to upgrade to this version? Here are some things to look out for:

  • If you’ve overridden your layouts/html.hbs file, you should re-fork. We renamed the bundle.js file, which is referenced in the html.hbs file; you should refork to get the updated name.