Armenian Phone Numbers

Hi all,
Trying to upload phone numbers for Armenia. Once I’ve chosen the country code +374 (AM), the platform automatically adds a zero to the string of other digits, creating a total of 12 digits. However, this is the incorrect phone number! Is this expected behavior?

Hey Emily,

Have you tried adding one number manually and then exporting to see the format? From there, you can use the same sheet to add the other numbers. I say this because I wonder if this is an issue with the format in your excel upload sheet.

cc: @Jesse_Shatsky


I did not upload it with a spreadsheet - only manually. However, it seems that although it’s displayed incorrectly on the platform, it displays on the pages correctly.

Hi Emily,

We use the Libphonenumber library for our phone number formatting (which is maintained by Google). You can test the library here. I would recommend providing the phone number and examining the library’s response. If it seems like there is an error with the phone number formatting, we should be able to raise it to Google through their bug submission system. I raised a similar issue not too long ago and they explained there are differences between the international and national format. It seems likely this is related, but it’s hard to tell without an example phone number.

As to why the phone number is displaying correctly on Pages, I cannot say for sure. I think that would be a question for whoever built out the pages, and we should inquire what the raw phone number they’re receiving is and how they are formatting phone numbers on the front-end.

Let me know if you have additional questions!