Best practice for archiving listings

Currently, my business removes services from listings and keeps them organized in a “canceled” folder. The purpose of this is for reference and archive functionalities.

Some of the older listings are not optimized as we desire, however, and this has affected our listings optimization percentage.

Is there a more efficient way to archive our older listings?

Hi Cameron,

This is a great question, and the use of a “canceled” folder is definitely a great approach.

I know you mentioned that you keep the entities for reference. However, you do have the option to remove entities from your account that no longer have any active subscriptions associated with them. You can see the steps on how to that here.

I also want to make sure you’ve seen our help article that highlights some of our recommendations for how to close a location. It looks like you have a good strategy in place, but just sharing in case there are any helpful tidbits in here you could leverage!

The bottom of that article has details on folder structure recommendations and a note about removing entities as well.

Let us know if that helps, or if there is any other information we can provide!