Can latitude & longitude be used in place of an actual address?

Can latitude & longitude be used in place of an actual address? With locations like theme parks or malls that may need to show multiple locations with the same address that sometimes don’t have suite numbers, GM UI poses a risk to pin locations no matter how many manual moves we do.

In this case, it would be nice to be able to leverage latitude/longitude in place of actual addresses. Is this possible?

@Alex_Khammari - Is there someone at Yext who you think would be best to answer this? Thanks!

Hi Tanya,

While latitude and longitude cannot be used in place of an address, you can use the Map Marker field in Knowledge Graph to create a custom ‘Display’ map pin that will be used on Google Maps. Here’s a short video example of how to set this up: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Once this pin is set up, the latitude and longitude of this pin will be displayed on the Google Maps UI.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this!



Thanks! Just seeing this!

@Teddy_Riker Thanks for this! Do you know if we provide the longitude/latitude in a bulk upload file for all of our locations, does that data automatically get placed in the map marker field?

To add more context for @Teddy_Riker or whoever may have the answer… The below screenshot is from our Bulk Upload spreadsheet template. I’d like to know what these fields are used to input. I assume it’s the map marker for the sake of pins being exact since there is no Latitude or Longitude field in the knowledge graph.


In addition, the address section of the Knowledge Graph gives us an option to “Hide address in Listing” and/or provide a “Display Address” for each listing. If we chose to check “Hide Address in Listing”, would that impact Wayfinding? We want Guests to be able to get to our listings, but don’t want Google to continue to have pin issues because so many of them share an address for wayfinding purposes since they share a parking lot.

If “Hide address in listing” won’t work for us, what about Display Address? Could we give the locations slightly different addresses if we need to for the purposes of wayfinding/pin locations, but then have all listings that share a parking lot have the same Display Address across platforms?


Hey Tanya,

You’re correct, the columns from your screenshot correspond to the display pin marker field I showed in my last post. I should note, we have a current limitation in our platform where only pins placed within the Knowledge Graph UI will be delivered to Google; this means that display pins uploaded via file will not be delivered. I’ve flagged this to the product team that handles this feature and will circle back on whether or not lifting this restriction is possible.

To your other questions:

  • If you want customers to be able to route to the listings, don’t use the ‘Hide Address’ field. This feature is designed for service area businesses that don’t serve customers at their address.

  • Google, unfortunately, does not accept the ‘Display Address’ field

My recommendation for this use case would be to use the address where you want users to navigate as the primary address (IE. Address of the parking lot). You can then use the display pin feature to control how the pin appears on Google Maps.

Hello @Teddy_Riker, can you please elaborate this? Are you saying that pins have to be manually placed in each listing in the Knowledge Graph? If so, where do we put our longitude & latitude coordinates as those fields only exist in the bulk upload form, but I don’t see them in the Knowledge Graph.

Thank you for your help.


Hey @Tanya_Meyers,

The knowledge graph field doesn’t currently support adding a pin with a lat/long in the UI. However, I spoke with @Alex_Khammari and he should be able to assist with having the lat/longs you add via file enabled to be sent to Google. He’ll reach out separately via email to assist with this.

Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer in the meantime.


Thank you @Teddy_Riker this is great news.

@Alex_Khammari - We’ll be in touch.