Can we customize facet parameters in the URL?

Hi HH Community,
Are we able to customize the facet parameters in the URL once a specific facet is selected?
Thank you!

Please respond to @Jamie_Do, I posted this on her behalf. Thanks!

Customize in what way? the name of the facet or another part?

You can customize the name of the facet using “label” parameter. For example:

“Facets”: {
“expand”: false,
“showMore”: true,
“fields”: {
“c_restaurantFeatures”: {
“label”: “Restaurant Features”

Hope that helps

@Max_Davish or @Daniel_Baigel – Is it possible to remove the additional characters before/after the facet option selected (e.g. “c_contentType”%3A%7B"%24eq"%3A"Getting+Started"%7D%7D%5D%2C)?