Can you set the order of the vertical tabs through boosting verticals?

I want the “Healthcare Professionals” and “Facilities” verticals to be ordered before “FAQs”, “Services”, and “Links” in relevant searches every time. Is it possible to boost verticals in this fashion?

Hi Jason,

When you set the query rule to boost the verticals, the tabs should reorder as well. The tabs will align always to the order the verticals in the Search Results appear on Universal - if you’re not seeing that, let us know!


Hello! I have a similar question - I have an Answers experience where the verticals are not reordering in the vertical tabs at all, no matter what is searched.

For a bit more context, the client wants verticals that are selected within the “More” tab to either be underlined or be reordered to the jump out to the full tab bar. Is there a way to fix this?

Is there a way to fix this? Happy to send more information offline as well.


Hi Sonia,

Do you have any BOOST_VERTICAL_INTENT query rules or baseScore applied in your Answers config? This could point to why the order of verticals is not changing. That’s because these two properties would rank verticals separately from the algorithm and would push verticals to the top all the time. Otherwise, the order should be set by the algorithm based on relevance of each vertical for the search query. If you’re currently using either of these configurations, I would suggest switching over to the new vertical ranking algorithm that came out with the Spring '22 Release Early Access. Particularly the bias property would allow you to weight a vertical more heavily but still rank it amongst other verticals.

As to the other part of your question, when a user chooses a vertical under the “More” dropdown, opening the dropdown will show the selected vertical underlined. It does not jump out to the navigation bar because the verticals are still in the original order set by the algorithm for that query.

However, I can see why it would be helpful to show the active vertical. You can submit this to the Ideas board for our Product Managers to consider!