Connector Improvements (May '21 Release)

In the Spring ‘21 release, we launched the Data Connectors Framework to help users easily build robust Knowledge Graphs, from a variety of their data sources. To improve usability and expand the functionality, we introduced the following improvements.

Cancel an In-Progress Run
Once you run a Connector, you can now cancel the job if needed by clicking Cancel.

Extract Additional Page Attributes
In addition to pulling text directly contained in the specified page element, you might want to select raw HTML so that it can be stored as Rich Text in the Knowledge Graph. You can select Text, Direct Text, HTML, URL, Image URL, and other attributes. This improvement makes it even quicker to pull data from your pages to populate a robust Knowledge Graph.

Connector Summary UI Updates
To simplify the Connector Summary UI, we’ve updated the Automatically Run button and Delete button.

Now to change the Automatically Run settings, you’ll select Yes or No from the drop-down menu. To change the settings select:

  • Yes – The Connector will automatically run each time a new crawl completes.
  • No – The Connector will only run on-demand, which can be triggered by clicking, “Run Now”

And to delete a Connector, select the combo Edit Configuration button, and select Delete Connector.

To learn more about this feature visit the Create a Connector and Map Fields training unit.