Connectors: Specifying "Country" when adding new entities

Hi community,

When adding entities via a connector, is it possible to select the new entity’s country? I would expect to be to able to map to the built-in field Country/Region but I can’t find it in the drop-down list of fields to map to:

Map Fields:


Hey Max,

Great question. Currently, the entity’s country is automatically assigned based on the account’s default country. That being said, it is on the product roadmap to support selecting a different country/region for entities added via a connector in the future!


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Hi DJ, has this changed at all in the last two months and are their workarounds in production? I.e. how do client with multiple countries operate in production today?

Hi DJ,

just as a quick follow up. Has this changed? Can we change the country for a connector or change the default country?


Hi Hagen,

The Country Code for an entity can be set by the Connector. This is for NEW entities only (as we cannot change the country of an entity, regardless of the interface being the Connector framework or any other interface). Additionally to note, you can add Multi-language profiles by setting the locale code, if that was also of interested (which you can learn more about here). Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!

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