Copy Pages Template but Change Entity Type

Hi all,

I am trying to launch a Healthcare Facility on Pages but for the account I am working on, they have their pages template set up for ‘County’ entity type. I am trying to copy all the content from this template but make it for Healthcare Facility entity type’s but am not having any luck because it you can’t change the entity type in the UI.

I tried to make these changes in the Admin Console by copying and pasting all the content from the County template but keeping Healthcare Facility as the entity type but I received these errors so does anyone have any workarounds to this by chance?

Thank you!

Update: I copied all the information from the template I wanted to duplicate except for the information in the Entity Type and everything above that (lines 1-6) and kept the same info that is found in the ModuleID tab.

By doing this, I was able to carry over the structure of the Content tab (all the modules in the correct order) but not the actual information inside these modules which seems to have to be done manually.