"Create Vertical" Command

Adding new verticals to your search experience is one of the most common actions that Admins or Developers do when building out or optimizing an experience using the Answers Hitchhiker Theme. Today, users need to use the “Add Page” command and then fill in things like the verticalKey and cardType, but we’ve found that this is one of the most error prone parts of the process.

We’re adding a new Command called “Create Vertical”, which will combine the inputs for the Page Layout (e.g., universal-standard, vertical-map, etc) with the verticalKey and cardType to make this process even smoother. The command will auto-insert the verticalKey everywhere it needs to be in the file and the cardType so your new vertical should be ready to go straight away.


:spiral_calendar: This feature is available in Early Access. Here’s how to use the Early Access branches of the Theme and SDK! Support for locales with “Create Vertical” will be available in General Access.