Developer Console: UX Redesign (Winter '21 Release)

This release we have redesigned the UX of the Developer Console. The new UI is organized in tabs, which makes it easier for users to find the fields they need. It is also easier to build an app and to recognize which fields are relevant to a user’s use case. For example, fields that are relevant to app distribution are only revealed if someone intends to distribute their app.

New Tabbed UI
When you click into an app you will see the UI is organized into tabs.

App Details — where you land when you click into or create an app. This houses all the basic information about the app.

API Credentials — where you manage the API Permissions of the app, as well as the API Keys.

OAuth — if your app leverages OAuth you can set up and view the OAuth settings for the app on this page.

Webhooks — where you can view or create Webhooks that are associated with the app.

Configuration Resources — if your app will apply configuration resources on installation, this is where you can view or configure the resources it will apply.

Easier App Creation

The + Add an App button moved to the top of the page so you can easily create new apps as needed.

Then, once you create an app you will see a consolidated list of fields, as we are only surfacing the required fields for all apps.

You will see a new App Distribution Method drop-down. If you are creating a public app, you can select the Public Distribution option. This will open the set of additional fields that are required for public apps.

Turn on the Winter '21: Developer Console UX Redesign (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

To learn more about the Developer Console, visit the Developer Console training module. For more details on creating an app, visit the Create an App guide.