Edit Scheduled Posts

Is it possible to edit a social post that’s scheduled before it’s been published?

Hi Harris,

Currently, you cannot edit a scheduled social post. However, you do have the option to delete the scheduled post and create a new post with the updated information!

To do this, you will click Cancel next to the corresponding post (as pictured below).

Then you will see a dialog box where you will need to confirm that you want to delete the scheduled post.

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Please add the edit scheduled post feature. It is too time consuming to delete and start over.

Hi @melanie_koenig,

Looks like this idea was posted on ideas board and is planned for an upcoming release. If you ever have any features you think would be great for the platform, I recommend you post them on the ideas board or search to see if anything similar has already been added (you can upvote or add your own comments/additional details to posts as well)!