Enabling Extractive QA

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with enabling Extractive QA/Document Search in my client’s Search Experience.

I’ve followed the instructions in this Hitchhikers Article, but I am not seeing any change in the experience.

I am working in Auditboard’s Help Center Article’s Vertical and have enabled Document Search for the Body field. I’ve also enabled Featured Snippets as a Direct Answer Type.

The ultimate goal here is to have the result appear as highlighted text, as seen in this screenshot:

Please let me know what I can do here and thank you in advance!

Hey @Madi_Nunn,

Awesome! Perhaps @Jordan_Heffren or @Ti_Rosa may know how to do this from their experience with Help Center search. Tagging them in here! Feel free to tag in any one else that might know how to support as well!