Entity Search Grid View and Preview Cards (Winter '21 Release)

Choosing how to display your entities while searching the Knowledge Graph just got more flexible - now you can choose to display results in a Grid view, with each entity represented by a card preview.

Grid view works best for entities that have a primary photo (like a product or menu item). Find it under Knowledge Graph > Entities by selecting the Grid View icon in the upper right.

Users can turn on the “Winter ’21 Release: Card Previews (early access)” account feature during the Early Access period (starting December 15). This feature will automatically be turned on for all accounts at General Availability (starting January 12).

To customize the entity previews in your account to display in Card view:

  1. Navigate to Knowledge Graph > Configuration.
  2. Click View Details next to the entity type you’d like to customize a preview for.
  3. Click on the Preview tab, select the card view icon and make your desired changes.

To learn more about entity previews, visit the Customize Entity Previews training unit.

Can this be inherited in a Partner Portal or Enhanced Dashboard setup?

Hi Laura,

Currently, we do not support the ability for subaccounts to inherit the entity preview configurations. Custom Previews would need to be configured for each subaccount.