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Hi team,

I am trying to complete a challenge in HH for Reviews Advanced Review Response | Hitchhikers

But I am unable to select Reviews > Monitoring error message says Error (403) You are not allowed to access this page. Return home or visit our help section.

Can someone please assist?


Hi team,

On this same account I have now having issues in the response tab under reviews.

I have generated sample reviews for the challenge which have appeared in the ‘monitoring’ tab but in the ‘responses’ tab there is no data and I am not able to respond.

Can you please look into this for me? ID is 3211776

Many thanks,

Hi Liv,

Thanks for your patience as we were figuring this out! The first was due to a temporary platform issue that has since been resolved.

Unfortunately, your challenge account has expired, so you’ll have to start a new one. I think will help to see if we can recreate the second issue anyway – I’m wondering if the second issue may have been caused by the first, so let’s try again with a clean slate.

Let us know if you run into this issue again when you restart your challenge.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for getting back to me!

I was able to complete one of the challenges but now having issues finding “generation” under reviews for the challenge Reviews >
Module 8 > Module Assessment.

It is showing an old navigation bar not the one with generation. Can you please assist?


Hi Liv,

When you first start the challenge, you won’t see the Reviews > Generation screen. However, once you add the services in step 3, you’ll have the right permissions enabled to see the screen – it may just take a minute to appear. You can try clearing your cache as in step 4 or waiting for it to process.