Export Entity Data as of a Certain Time or relative Activity Log Change

Hello, I have a user who made a bunch of changes to an entity on 12/1 and then the account subsequently had an API run on the same day and overrode all of their changes.

I was trying to export Entity Data in order to Rollback the entity data however the entity export only allows Exports at a certain date and time and the Activity Log currently doesn’t show any timestamps. Is there anyway to somehow find out the time the entity was changed by the API call to rollback these changes?

Hi Paige,

Great question!

@Jesse_Shatsky or @Hannah_Ho do either of you know?


Hey Paige,

You should be able to pull the set of historical updates via the Entity History table in the Logs API, which was released with the Fall '22 Release. Is that a viable option for your use case? As Ebuka mentioned on the Ideas Board, we’re working on exposing these logs in the UI in the next release.

Please let me know if the existing functionality via the API is sufficient to properly identify and recover your changes.