Financial Professional Location Card Formatting Issue

Hi all,

I am creating a practice Answers experience and encountered an issue where the distance value for a financial professional is appearing right next to the professional’s name rather than in the top right corner of the card. For example:

I am using the financial-professional-location card template for this and I have not edited the distance value in the code. Does anybody know why this may be happening and how to resolve it? Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Hey Chris,

If you make sure you are using the most recent theme and referencing the built-in financial professional card, you shouldn’t have any formatting issues with the distance value!


Hi Chris,

With our November '21 Release and Theme v1.26, we’ve fixed the distance alignment on the theme professional cards. Upgrade your theme to get the fix. If you previously forked the cards, you’ll need to re-fork them to get the update.