Folder Management Tool UI Updates (May '21 Release)

The folder management tool is a powerful feature that enables user permissions and automated workflows. Changing an existing folder structure can have impacts on things like existing integrations, or user permissions that are scoped to specific folders. To provide users greater accuracy in managing folders and to help customers avoid unintended consequences, we are making the following minor UX improvements:

  • Removed the “Reorganize Folders” button from the main page of the Manage Folders tool when in view mode.

  • Removed the “Save Only” button in edit mode and renamed the “Save and Reorganize Folders” button to “Reorganize Folders”.

  • Updated copy within the warning modal to better communicate the impact of any changes.

To view your existing folder structure hover over Knowledge Graph in the top navigation bar, and click on the Configuration sub-tab. Then click Folders in the sidebar.

To learn more about this feature visit the How to Manage Folders training unit.