Google Chrome Address Bar "instant search"

As far as I understand, Google Chrome automatically sets up a sort of “instant search” in its address bar for websites a user visits often. For example, when typing “” and then clicking tab, the bar allows you to search directly on Amazon (see screenshot below).


However, after integrating a new Yext search experience (such that the website’s primary search link has changed), the Chrome address bar still links to the previous search engine. Is there any way to update this?


Hey Matt,

Google Site Links is different than Chrome Search Engines. Google Site Links is a feature that impacts Google Search for everyone. Chrome Custom Search Engines are a feature of Chrome that just impacts your local instance of Chrome.

You could set up a Chrome Custom Search Engine for Yext Answers by using the query= parameter. You can find more information about Chrome Search Engines here.


Hey @Max_Shaw,

Thanks for pointing out this helpful distinction!

I’m referring just to the Chrome Custom Search Engine. I’ve found that Chrome automatically sets up Custom Search Engines for pages that I visit often. One of these pages now has a new Yext search experience, but my Custom Search Engine still directs to the old one. Is there any way to update this for all people who have a Custom Search Engine to this site? Or will this happen automatically, over time?

Thanks again,

Hmm I’m honestly not sure…I didn’t know this was functionality that was built into Chrome. Can you go into Chrome and click manage search engines and see what’s there? Maybe you can update it manually?

You can definitely update it manually but my fear is that users who have the Custom Search Engine won’t know to do that, and we want any users to be linked to the Yext experience automatically. Is it worth reaching out to Google Chrome support?

Sure. Couldn’t hurt. Sorry can’t provide more insight here - Chrome doesn’t have much documentation on how that feature works.

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No problem, I appreciate the help!