Google Configuration

The most recent release gave us the ability to configure what fields we do and do not sync and push to Google. I have Google tracking UTM’s for the website URL as well as the Appointment URL. I thought that we could turn off the syncing of these two fields to not overwrite our UTM’s that are already in place using the Configuration section for Google and turned off syncing for the GMB Appointment URL as well as the GMB Website URL thinking that would prevent these fields from syncing to the Google listing. When testing this with a location it appears that the Google Appointment URL successfully did not sync but the website URL still is attempting to push the website URL as I see I have a pending change in the backend for GMB for the website field. Did I set this up correctly?

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I’m happy to look into this for you. Could you please give me your account ID?

When you log into Yext, it’s the number you see in the URL after

Could you also please let me know what location you tested this on?

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