How to disable tracking of a users location on answers search


This question is related to GDPR, when we are unable to integrate with a consent management tool to collect consent how can we turn of the location tracking of a user but continue to track the session?

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To add to this topic, it would be great to understand what control we have over enabling/disabling IP based location biasing…

Question: Is location bias is controllable; either to disable location biasing completely, or to hook into some kind of user consent tool?
Context: Many clients in EMEA do not like having their pages automatically detecting their location by IP lookup due to privacy concerns. While queries containing phrases like ‘near me’ prompt the built in browser functionality to request the user’s permission to collect their location by HTML Geolocation API, all other uses of a user’s location, determined by IP lookup, is not consented by the user. Is it possible to therefore either:

  • Disable IP based location biasing entirely?
  • Hook IP based location biasing into some kind of consent, for it to be enabled only after the appropriate trigger?