I can't submit an idea in HH idea board

I have been experiencing trouble submitting my ideas in the HH idea board. Every time I fill the form and submit, but I only get stuck at this page below.

I’ve cleared cache, checked Chrome is latest and tried other browsers, but so far I haven’t seen the next page. I spoke with other hitchhikers and a couple noted that they had also previously experienced similar issues temporarily. Mine seems worse, nonetheless. Your support is much appreciated.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry you’re having this issue! Would you be able to inspect the page and screenshot any errors under the Console tab?

This will help us investigate further.


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Hi Alyssa,
For some reason, I managed to log ideas though nothing is changed. I will defo notify you when I encounter the same trouble

I actually got this after managed to log one idea… It’ll be great if you can identify what’s happening and how I can avoid it happening moving forward

Hi Phil, thanks for the additional detail! We’ve flagged this to our engineers so that they can address the issue. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if this happens again!