Implementing New Maps Component and Layout de-bug

Hi Team,

I’m really excited about the new Maps component and layout and would love to build this into a Find an Advisor demo that I’m working on. I followed the instructions outlined in this community post including upgrading the theme to get early access to the Spring Release features (post here).

I’m running into some difficult in trying to include the new Maps layout and was hoping that someone could assist me with debugging the experience. When I click into the Financial Advisors vertical, the following appears on the page.

I’m fairly confident this is user error as it seems as though the map is not rendering, I’m just not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong. The small module appears in the top left hand corner (Search when map moves) but the rest of the screen is blank. I am seeing the following console error when inspecting the page, but confirmed that the Console within the Yext platform produced a successful build (De-bug step #3 below).

Please see below for the steps I’ve taken to de-bug:

  • Confirmed that the vertical key is correct in the .json frontend file
  • Confirmed that facets were properly implemented using this community post as a reference. Unsure if there are additional lines that I need to comment in within the .hbs page template that are not called out in the post above for Full Page Map pages.
  • Confirmed there were no Console errors within the Code Editor in the Yext platform.

Apologies for the de-bug post, but was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as this is a new feature.

Thank you and let me know what additional information I can provide!

Following up here on my post. It looks like my theme upgrade did not go through successfully, which was causing the error outlined above.

Solve: If you run into the error outlined above, confirm that your commits went through successfully!

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