Improved Bot Detection in Search (Summer ‘22 Release)

In this release, we have updated the tools we use for bot detection (e.g., crawlers or web scrapers) in Search!

Using machine learning, we can more accurately and reliably detect bot traffic to automatically exclude it from Analytics and Usage billing. We have also added a new dimension/filter that allows this type of traffic to be viewed in Analytics.

To use this, navigate to Report Builder and select the dimension/filter: Is Human. You can then choose “Yes” to see which Search traffic is coming from actual users, or you can choose “No” to view bot traffic.

To learn more about improved bot detection in Search visit the Search Analytics module.

Turn on the Summer '22: Search Bot Dimension / Filter (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period. This feature will automatically be turned on for all accounts at General Availability for the Summer '22 Release.