Is it possible to check "in progress" tasks?

It is often the case that when changes are applied to the Knowledge Graph, they remain pending, and are applied over time.

Is there a way to know which tasks are pending processing? In “Activity” there is a log of changes made, but we cannot know which tasks are queued for processing.

For example, this morning we added the page service to 12 entities, and assigned them a template for publication.

The Knowledge Graph took almost an hour to publish those pages, and during processing we had no way of knowing if the system had received the order and was working on it.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Lolo_Riazzo,

There currently isn’t a way to monitor the status of specific pending tasks for content changes made to the Knowledge Graph, but this is great feedback that we’ll share with our Product team!

You can, however, monitor the status of published pages in Page Builder. On the top right, under the “Update” dropdown menu, there is a “View History” option where you’ll be taken to a page listing actions taken on your pages, entities affected, the status of the action, and the time it took to process. Here’s an example of how it might look:

This history page would show pages that are still processing changes. You can also click into each individual action to view more details, such as the API logs. If you have any questions about any possible delays, feel free to check out our Yext Trust site for platform-wide updates or reach out to your account representative.

Hope this helps!