Is it possible to display facets as toggles and/or drop-down

Hi team,

I’m building an Answers experience using the Hitchhiker Theme. I’m looking into some of the more advanced UI options for the facets component (e.g. making individual facets searchable, facet option labels, etc.).

I’m curious if there’s a way to support toggles (for boolean fields) and dropdown lists (for facets with multiple options).


PS: If not, I’m happy to submit to the Ideas board :wink:

Hey Max,

Neither of these features are currently possible and both are great candidates for the Ideas board!

For the boolean field toggles, the closest you can get right now is to set the boolean field as a facet (you can change the field labels by following this post). It wouldn’t exactly be a toggle since the field name and field values will always be on separate lines. You can make it more like a toggle by only populating content for any “Yes” entities so that the “No” option does not surface in the facet. This will look something like:

For dropdown lists, I’d say the closest right now would be to set "expand": true to allow the user to expand and collapse the facets.

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