JS Version 1.4.1 Release

Fixes :bug:

  • CSS variables are now correctly polyfilled on IE11 when using the SDK through a CDN link pinned to a patch version, like v1.4.0. This was not an issue for experiences pinned to a major or minor version of the SDK (e.g. v1 or v1.4).
  • ANSWERS.init()'s onReady() function will no longer fire twice if it fails the first time.
  • Previously, if appliedFilters.removable was true, any filters that are overlapping (facets and nlp filters) were not removable. They are now removable.
  • UniversalResults now supports the legacy changeFiltersText configuration option for backwards compatibility. If youโ€™d like to update the changeFiltersText, itโ€™s now in the appliedFilters for UniversalResults (see here).

Styling Fixes :woman_artist:

  • Facets with searchable: true were displaying two close buttons on IE11, one being the built-in IE11 close button for elements and the other being our custom close button. You will now only see 1 button.
  • FilterOptionโ€™s caret icon for expanding and collapsing FilterOptions is now set to 12px by 12px instead of 1em by 1em.
  • QASubmissionโ€™s background-color is now set to white instead of being unset.
  • Pagination will no longer apply a special background-color to the active page button when there is only one visible page button. It will now inherit its background-color from its parent element.
  • yxt-Results-title and .yxt-Results-titleBar now uses the preexisting --yxt-results-title-bar-* css variables for better backwards compatibility.