Knowledge Assistant command(s) for responding to reviews

I’m looking for the specific command(s) to use to respond to reviews while using Knowledge Assistant. Neither the Hitchhikers track nor the help doc seem to specify the exact command(s) to use.

I have even tested it live and have gotten as far as being able to see reviews through Knowledge Assistant, but it’s unclear how to respond.

Hi Kerry,

It looks like you might not have permission to respond to this review. With the right permissions, Knowledge Assistant will show you a review that needs a response and ask: “Would you like to see the next review, respond, or are you finished?” Here you can reply with “respond” to respond to reviews.

Taking a look at your account, you have not yet connected to the Knowledge Assistant. You can follow this help article to set it up and read more about it in this Hitchhiker module.

If you need help setting this up, feel free to submit a support request.

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Thanks @Kristy_Huang. Our Client Success Manager jumped in and pointed out that this was about the service level this customer has, which must be the permission you were referring to. I tried this on a location that has the proper service level, and I received the prompt to respond to a review, as expected.