KnowledgeGraph - Crawler - "Edit in JSON" Missing from Crawler Configuration Page

I went in to update some of my crawler configurations and noticed that the “Edit in JSON” link is missing from my crawler configuration. Is there a reason this button might disappear?

Here is the documentation that shows the button. See attached for a screenshot.

Here is a screenshot from one of my crawlers, but I should be clear that it is all crawlers that are missing the button.

Hi Zach,

Unfortunately, our team had to remove this feature for other broader implications the JSON editor had on our system. We will be improving the UI edit mode, however, to make it easier to add a long list of domains and URLs using a single text box, rather than as individual items. This should be updated soon, but in the meantime, bulk edits to Crawler Settings can easily be made via Admin Console / CaC.

Thank you for understanding and let us know if you have any further questions!



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Thanks Rachel. I look forward to have a similar functionality added back! I’ll jump into the admin console / config as code to see about updating those crawler configs using that method.