Merge Columns Transform (September '21 Release)

This release we are adding a new ‘Merge Columns’ Transform to our Data Connectors framework. This transform allows you to merge columns together with an optional delimiter.

To do this, you select the columns you want to merge from the dropdown menu. The order of the columns you select will determine the order of the merged data. So in the example below the data in the ID column would be added, or merged, to the end of the data in the URL column.

The delimiter (which is optional) specifies the boundaries between the data. So in the example below we added a ‘/’ as the delimiter and that will be added between the URL and the ID.

For example, if you have a column with the URLs from the main domain of your page, and you have a separate column for your Store IDs, you can merge the columns to create the store-specific URLs.

You can merge the URL column with the Store ID column, and use ‘/’ as the delimiter. This would add ‘Full URL’ as a new column to the below dataset.

Location Name URL Store ID Full URL
Turtlehead Tacos store12

To learn more about Transforms, visit the Transforms unit of the Data Connectors training module.