Mobile Geolocation on mobile

I have a user on my Answers experience - after a move from Florida, the user went back to our Answers site in North Carolina.
When on our Answers site, the providers displaying for here were in Western North Carolina, but the user was physically located in Fuquay-Varina, NC, which is Central/East North Carolina. The Answers link the user was directed to did not have location or filters applied.
I’ve heard recently from other users that geolocation was not working as expected on this Answers experience. This user was on an iPhone - and was wondering if it were a caching issue on Safari. Also wondering if this has ever happened for other clients/users and if there’s insight into how mobile geolocation searches are expected to work on Answers, specifically on Safari?

Hi @Emily_Gruber ,

Did the location bias module show the NC location or the Florida location?

Can you provide a screenshot? Possible this was a caching issue but a screenshot would help!