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Hey HH Team!

Been working on the final challenge, but am having trouble getting the search bar on the /es page to load correctly for the Preview. The normal window looks fine, it’s a blank page with the Yext logo in the middle - but no additional information. I have the error “Cannot read property “includes” of undefined” - and from what I’ve seen on here, that possibly has something to do with the experience key, but after restarting! the challenge and ensuring I had all the experience key info entered correctly, the error is persisting.

Attached is a screenshot.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 150003|690x360


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Hi Team,

I’m seeing the exact same issue as Jack (screenshot below), can you advise what is wrong? I’ve followed all of the steps but don’t want to submit the challenge until I can get the search bar rendering on the /es universal page.

Thanks, not sure if the “Initial commit” build error is linked? Challenge account here.

As an update, the /es locale is now loading and working as expected - just seems to take a little time. However, I’m struggling with the last couple of steps re adding the translation for “Features:”.

I’ve created the es.po file, as there wasn’t one initially, and have followed all steps including loading the below onto said es.po file, yet on the /es locale the card still reads “Features:”. Let me know what I’ve done wrong!

msgid "Features:"
msgstr "Características:"

Hi @Scott_Howlett and @Jack_Perales! Sounds like you’ve both solved for the search bar not appearing? As for the translation of “features” in es.po, you’ll have to take one additional step in your challenge repo:

In your jambo.json, add "translations": "translations", under dirs. This will ensure that the translation file is being referenced correctly. This step should be in the repo by default with Jambo v1.18, so it’s not an error on your side or with the challenge instructions. However, we will make sure this is set by default going forward across our challenge account repos.


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Hi - I am having issues with this challenge as well. When I submit, I am receiving errors for:

Add the Restaurants Page ( and update the configuration

Add the FAQs Page ( and update the configuration

My live preview does not work but the rest of the challenge seems to be accepted.

Challenge account:

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi - I was able to resolve the issue of the live preview not working (Thanks to Liz!). I am still having issues with “Add the FAQs Page ( and update the configuration”

I do not see any errors in the console and it seems to appear correctly in Live Preview

Hi Melissa,

Welcome to the community! Glad you were able to figure out your first issue. For the second issue, you just have a small typo. The file name should be and you’re just missing the s in faqs. Make sure to update the pages file to as well.


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