OpenMenu not connecting to Yext

I’m having trouble connecting OpenMenu to my Yext account. Anybody else having problems?

Hi Randy! Thanks for reaching out. Would you mind telling me a little bit more about where you’re having trouble?


Hi Noropall!
Thanks for reaching out to me. I have some screenshots saved as a PDF that would help explain my issue; however, I don’t know how to attach that file here. If there is a way to attach a file in this forum, please let me know.

I will try to explain my issue here:
When I go to the Yext app directory, I click on OpenMenu from the list of apps. This action takes me to a screen with “All Apps/OpenMenu” near the top, an OpenMenu logo, and an “Install” button on the lower left. I click on the “Install” button, and this takes me to a screen with “OpenMenu” at the top, with Yext directly below. The address in my address bar reads:

In the middle of the page, it reads:

“Better menu management through OpenMenu, better distribution through Yext.”

“To connect your OpenMenu to Yext, please select the restaurant below and press “Connect to Yext.”

In the lower-left of this screen, I see my restaurant name and address like this:

Cafe Italiano
3483 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley NC
[Yext Manager]

According to the online Yext help information, at this point, I should see a blue button that reads: [Connect to Yext]. Instead, I see a green button that reads [Yext Manager] in white letters. After I click on the green button that reads [Yext Manager], the screen I see reads: “connected: no.” with a thumbs down icon.

I put in a help desk request to Yext and, eventually, they responded, “I was taking a look into your account, and it seems like you do not have the proper permissions for your account. This could be affecting your Open Menu syncing together. I have changed your account permissions. Let me know if your Open Menu starts to sync up.”

These changes did not solve this problem.

I next reached out to OpenMenu. They responded, “Make sure you are logged into OpenMenu first.”

I have logged into OpenMenu first, however, with no difference in the result. I let OpenMenu know that logging in first makes no difference, and they responded with, “You would have to contact Yext support as we don’t have control over what happens on their website.”

I try to open help desk requests to Yext to continue helping me; however, they keep marking subsequent requests as solved and closed.

After searching all over their site to find help, I finally ran across the “Hitchhikers’ forum. I hope someone here can help.

Best regards,

Hi @Randy_Prause

Unfortunately I think you may need to reach out to OpenMenu again. Have you reached out to the support alias in the platform?