Page Speed Improvements (June '21 Release)

We have made a number of updates to improve Page Speed. Most notably, we added placeholders for navigation and searchbar components in order to reduce the flassing in page navigation. These improvements also include: optimizing the theme’s CSS with esbuild minifier, removing UtilityLayout.scss in the theme, enhancing the open status formatter, and separating SDK JS bundles.

Important call out: Due to the bundle optimization, your live previews will not work in IE11. If you need to preview something in IE11, update the IS_DEVELOPMENT_PREVIEW variable the ci/ file to false (export IS_DEVELOPMENT_PREVIEW=‘false’).

Upgrade Implications:

  • If you’ve forked any component templates or script partials for the nav or search bar (such as templates/TEMPLATE_NAME/markup/navigation.hbs ortemplates/TEMPLATE_NAME/script/navigation.hbs), you should refork them to get this update. If you do not refork, the page will still work but you simply won’t have the page speed updates.
  • If you forked layouts/html.hbs or entry.js, you will need to refork, otherwise your site will stop working on IE11.
  • If you were using l-row-*, l-col-*, l-centeredColumn, these classes are no longer supported. If you were using them, refork static/scss/answers/common/util/UtilityLayout.scss and add back lines 10-94 removed in the upgrade.
  • If you forked static/js/hours/transformer.js, you should refork.