Pages Basic: Add background image in main body?

Hello! I’m working for a client that has Pages basic and Branding. Does anyone know if we can add a background image on the main body in the Pages template? (not just 1 module, but the whole main body, similar to the white background here)

The clients would like to have an image background in order to retain the “feel” of their original pages. For reference, here’s what the Pages template currently looks like.

From what I’ve gathered, it seems like we most likely can’t support this in implementation, but I wanted to see if using Managed Service hours to figure out how to customize this via CSS would be technically feasible.


Hey Clement,

Page Builder does not currently support adding a background image which spans across a particular set of modules.

Each of the modules within your main body section have a class of “module-wrapper”, so you can apply a background-image property to each of them, but this will cause the image to be repeated within each module since there is no container class around that set of modules to target with your styling.


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Thanks for the help! I’ll relay this to the client and see if they’d be interested in utilizing the ‘module wrappers’ with the inherent issue of the repetitions, or to leave the background completely blank.

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