Pages Module 11 - Assessment

I’m having issues passing the Pages Module 11 Assessment. I must be doing something wrong with syntax carting over the landing page URL to the schema URL mapping. Here is the line of code I’m updating on the left panel:


“url”: “

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Hi @Erin_Pfiffner, the assessment is looking for a variable input – this will ensure that the schema will update if the KG data changes. You can use the field references on the right to find the variable name for landing page URL. The field name references will be prefixed with “$” (for example, “name”: “$name”).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Sam - got it! That was just the nudge I needed - ah, the power of SASS!!!


I am still having trouble figuring out which is the proper line of code to input on the left hand side. Am I changing the “url” portion or just adding “$websiteUrl”?

Hi Cayla, and welcome to the Community!

You want to change the schema for “url”.

By default it will map as such: "url": "$websiteUrl.url" but you want to replace website URL with the Landing Page URL variable (which you can find in the Field Reference section of that page in the account.

Let us know if that helps or if you have any other questions!

I am having trouble with this as well. I found the URL on the left side and replace it on the right side on Line 26 and it keeps saying my answer is invalid with a $ sign.

Nevermind, I got it. The capitalized letters got me.

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I too am not getting this!? I get it should have the “$” but it won’t accept
“url” : “
I’ve also tried it WITH “url” : “$” but that doesn’t work either???

A little help perhaps? I know I’m SO close, lol?

@Erin_Pfiffner , @Caroline_Gould
Nevermind, I pieced together clues from this post and luckily got it after seemingly hundreds of attempts…woohoo!