Pegman Icon missing in Locations Map

Hi Community,

A client has noticed a problem in his experience and I am not sure to know where to look to fix it.
In Locations vertical results map (or in Universal results when there is results from location vertical and the map is switched in fullscreen), we can see a white square at the bottom right of the map, where should normally stand the Pegman Icon.
Here, only the white square is here:

Is this something that can be modified in the frontend experience (maybe by manually adding the icon) ?
I underline the fact that apart from the missing icon, the Pegman behavior works fine with the drag and drop on the map.
Here is the admin link of this experience.

Thanks in advance if anyone have an idea.

Hi Nicolas!
It looks like our css reset is interacting with Mr. Pegman in an unfortunate way. We’ll have a fix out in the next theme release, in the meantime I would recommend adding lines 25-27 below to your static/scss/answers.scss.
I tried this in Live Preview and it seems to fix the issue.

To fix Mr. Pegman on a universal page add the below to your answers.scss (thanks @Connor_Anderson!)

If you are using a grid layout for example the two column grid, replace
.HitchhikerResultsStandard-map with .HitchhikerResultsGridTwoColumns-map (and similarly for three and four columns).

.HitchhikerResultsStandard-map {
  img {
    max-height: none;
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