Phrase Match: Answers Search Configuration (Fall '20 Release)

Product: Answers

Sometimes, you only want to surface an entity or set of entities when the query exactly matches the content in a field. Adding query rules to do this becomes cumbersome when you want to add tens or hundreds of keywords to an entity. The new Phrase Match searchable field type makes adding an exact phrase match—when a query exactly matches the value in a field—easy and fast.

Phrase Match is a searchable field with a stricter set of matching guidelines than Answers’ Text Search feature. You can simply turn “Phrase Match” on within the Searchable Fields of your Configuration UI or JSON file.

Note the following:

  • No stemming: the algorithm will not identify the root of the keyword and extrapolate to other versions of the word
  • Tokens in exact same order: the algorithm will not recognize the same words in a different order as a phrase match
  • No typo tolerance: no spelling correction will be applied to the tokens

For more information, please see the Vertical Searchable Fields unit.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!